League Assistance / Contact Information

UpdatedFriday February 5, 2021 byVYB Board.


Registration Help:

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact Claude Atkins.


In Season Help - Player Agents:

A 'player agent' is the person in charge of a division.  If you have an issue with a manager, game or something in your division, you may contact the appropriate player agent to discuss the issue. The 2021 Player Agents are:

T ball: Ana Barba Vybanabarba@gmail.com  
6's: Carly Luna carlyanne@sbcglobal.net  
7's: Alex Castellanoz alexcastellanoz@gmail.com  
8's: Chantel Horton vybchantel@gmail.com  
9's: Brock Pimental vybbrockpimental@gmail.com  
AAA: Frank Durazo fmdurazo6@att.net  
Majors: Dennis Bettencourt vybdennisbettencourt@gmail.com  









The VYB 2021 Executive Board Members are:

Claude Atkins, President vybpresident@gmail.com

Brock Pimental, Vice-President Cal Ripken Vybbrockpimental@gmail.com

Ana Barba, Secretary Vybanabarba@gmail.com

Nathan Madsen, Treasurer Nathan.madsen.vyb@gmail.com

Dennis Bettencourt, Vice-President Babe Ruth Vybdennisbettencourt@gmail.com


Mailing Address:

Visalia Youth Baseball
PO Box 8064
Visalia, CA 93290